Please join us at our inaugural launch of the Empire Longevity Symposium. We think you will find yourself a little bit better for it.
The Empire Longevity Symposium is set up to bring selected speakers to you that will give you insights into the many facets of longevity. We do have as our keynote the incredible Dr. T. Colin Campbell who will be speaking on a whole food plant based diet, and his ground breaking book ‘The China Study’. What a great way to start!

Symposium Countdown

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  • Registration on the day of the Symposium.
Symposium Speakers
Health and Nutrition
Cornell University

Dr. T. Colin Campbell

The Importance of Music
Cortland Schools

Jen Rafferty

veterinary medicine
Cornell University

Mariah Beck

Ithaca College

Barbara Ganzel

Animals and Pets
Cornell University

Andrew Bashi

Longevity After Trauma
Janke Family Chiropractic

Dr. Otto Janke

Solar Energy
Dragon Solar

Michael Baldino

Adventuring and Longevity
SUNY Cortland

Amy DiRenzo

Small Communities
Mayor of Cortland

Brian Tobin

More Details...

For decades T. Colin Campbell, PhD has been at the forefront of nutrition education and research. Dr. Campbell’s expertise and scientific interests encompass relationships between diet and disease, particularly the causation of cancer. His legacy,...
Jen is currently the Chair of Cortland Music Department in Cortland, NY and teaches middle school choir, general music and high school modern band. In her tenure at Cortland she has been recognized for her passion and excellence in teaching,...
Mariah Beck is a third year veterinary student at Cornell University. She is focused on wildlife medicine, particularly in the area of marine conservation. Mariah is also a strong advocate and educator on the interdisciplinary crisis of plastic...
Barbara Ganzel is a clinical social worker and research neuroscientist. She has 20+ years of experience in studying how the environment impacts the brain, body, behavior across the lifespan. Previously, she was the principal investigator and...
Andrew Bashi is a lawyer currently studying veterinary medicine at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He frequently lectures on topics concerning wildlife conservation and animal ethics. His most recent research, presented at the Oxford Center...
A lifelong question that has driven Dr. Janke is "Why aren't we living longer AND healthier lives"? This question has lead him to using the latest technologies to understand how your nervous system can better adapt. The same question has lead him...
Mike completed his undergraduate degree in 2012 earning a Bachelor's of Science in Physics from SUNY Cortland. During his studies he took several graduate level electives in the field of renewable energy and building efficiency. It was during this...
Amy DiRenzo has been an educator, researcher, and field instructor in the outdoor recreation and adventure education fields for nearly 20 years. She is an Associate Professor in the Recreation, Parks, & Leisure Studies Department at SUNY Cortland....
Brian Tobin, Mayor for the City of Cortland elected for a second term who is also a swim coach and teacher at SUNY Cortland which is where he earned his Master’s degree in Recreation Management. Mayor Tobin has a long list of volunteerism and...
Symposium Agenda
Empire Longevity Symposium

Saturday, September 29th, 2018


8:20am-9am:  Registration

9am: Dr. Otto Janke: Opening remarks and the days outlook

9:20: Mariah Beck: “Longevity and a day without plastics”

9:45: Jen Rafferty: “Longevity and Music”

10:15: short break

10:30: Dr. T. Colin Campbell: “Longevity with Nutrition”; The China Study                                                                                                                        

            Dr. Campbell will do a presentation and then be interviewed by Dr. Janke on the China     

            Study, and the superiority of plant-based eating. You will have an opportunity to submit     

            questions at this time. 

12 Noon: Lunch. Catered by Brix Puberia. (the Official Food Sponsor of the Empire Longevity    

                               Symposium – this will be a vegan lunch)

1:00: Barbara Ganzel: “Longevity and the Aging Brain”

1:30: Michael Baldino: “Longevity and Energy”

2:00: break

2:30: Andrew Bashi: “Longevity and Pets”

3:00: Amy DiRenzo: “Longevity and Adventuring”

3:30: Mayor Brian Tobin: “Longevity and Small Communities”

4:00: short break

4:15: Dr. Otto Janke: Symposium look back; “Longevity past Trauma”

5:00: The Empire Longevity Symposium concludes

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