Symposium 2019

The second annual Longevity Symposium is coming up!
2019 Symposium Presenters
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  • Dr. Otto Janke

    Dr. Otto Janke

    Your Host for the day...

  • Michael Palmore

    Michael Palmore

    Music Education

  • Lawrence Williams

    Lawrence Williams

    Art History

  • John Sherman

    John Sherman


  • Jason Burdine

    Jason Burdine


  • Andria Farr

    Andria Farr

    Painting & Drawing

  • Ann Ocasio

    Ann Ocasio


  • Cassie Nichols

    Cassie Nichols


  • Carolyn McBride

    Carolyn McBride


Empire Longevity Podcasts
Listen in as some of the worlds leaders give you an insight into an even better you - for longer. What is the use of living longer if you aren't healthy enough to enjoy it? Dr. Otto Janke has been immersed in helping people to create a legacy of health. Merriam-Webster definition of longevity : a long duration of individual life. Empire Longevity podcast definition of longevity: the act and intention of enjoying life in the best of health and leaving something great behind

Empire Longevity "White Papers"

04 February 2019
White Papers
​For years I would ask patients in my office "How long do they want to live?" to get an idea of their own longevity. Astoundingly, most people said a number in the late 60s or early 70s - MUCH shorter than the national average of 78.69 years in Ameri...
21 January 2019
White Papers
What is YOUR definition of 'longevity'? When we take a look at the Marrion-Webster Online dictionary, we see the common definition of:  a long duration of individual life.Am I the only one to think that THAT definition is one of the most bo...
The Symposium Essence...
The Essence of the Symposium in 1:40.
Last Year's (2018) Speakers...
Dr. T. Colin Campbell
2018 Symposium Speakers
Dr. T. Colin Campbell
For decades T. Colin Campbell, PhD has been at...
Jen Rafferty
2018 Symposium Speakers
Jen Rafferty
Jen is currently the Chair of Cortland Music...
Mariah Beck
2018 Symposium Speakers
Mariah Beck
Mariah Beck is a third year veterinary student...
Barbara Ganzel
2018 Symposium Speakers
Barbara Ganzel
Barbara Ganzel is a clinical social worker and...
Andrew Bashi
2018 Symposium Speakers
Andrew Bashi
Andrew Bashi is a lawyer currently studying...